Monday, November 3, 2008

Staggering His Way to the White House

Last night while driving in my car, audio was played of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden. In the first audio, we hear a very drunk Senator Biden singing "The Villages, Florida's friendliest home town" (the tv jingle from a retirement viallge). If you YouTube Joe Biden singing the Villages, you get a very entertaining video of Joe singing & dancing along a river. The second audio bite was an introduction he gave for Michelle & Barack Obama. He's slurring his speech & even makes "passes" at Michelle, the whole time those around him are chuckling like this is all fun & games. Again, youtube drunk Joe Biden for a cheap laugh!
People are making a huge deal about Sarah Palin being one step away from taking the White House in the instance that McCain were to die, which I highly doubt will occur since he's in very good health! Well what about the fact that if Barack Obama is elected (God help us) & if he were to be killed or he died, America would have a raging alcoholic at the helm! Joe Biden is a joke, his political campaigns have been a joke, & the man needs rehab, not more political power.
So tomorrow when you're headed to the polls, keep this in mind!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nebraska Democrats using dirty politics and lies in District 17

With one week until Election Day, the race in Legislative District 17 has become dirty and heated. Candidates include former South Sioux City Mayor Robert Giese & Dakota County businessman Douglas Giese.

Until last Friday, the race has remained civil and mostly uneventful. However, I returned to my apartment in Wayne to find Robert Giese literature, along with ads sponsored by the Nebraska Democratic Party attacking Douglas Garwood. The second piece came this afternoon. Both pieces are making claims that Garwood's campaign is bankrolled by Omaha big business and special interests. The ads explain how Garwood is corrupted by money from Omaha and that he will ultimately become Omaha's 18th Senator & not lookout for the interests of District 17. Supposedly, all facts and claims are backed with information from the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

Simply looking at the financial statements for Giese for Legislature & Garwood for Legislature proves the claims being made to be false. The financial information about to be displayed can all be found on the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission's website ( For each candidate, I will display the total amount of money raised by Omaha PACS and organizations as reported on each monthly statement.

Robert Giese:

04/14/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

06/30/2008: $500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

07/01/2008: $500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $500 (Nebraska Credit Union League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/06/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,000 (Omaha Exposition & Racing DBA), $1, 500 (NE Credit Union)League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/27/2008: $2,000 (NE Leadership PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,000 (Omaha Exposition & Racing DBA), $1,500 (NE Credit Union League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

Grand Total: $19,000.00

Douglas Garwood:

04/15/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

05/09/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

06/24/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/08/2008: $1,000 (Chiropractors of Nebraska State PAC), $2,500 (Nebraska-PAC), $400 (Qwest Nebraska PAC), $750 (State Health PAC)

10/27/2008: $1,000 (AG Processing INC), $1,000 (Chiropractors of Nebraska State PAC), $400 (Qwest Nebraska PAC), $750 (State Health PAC)

Grand Total: $14,800.00

Obviously the Nebraska Democratic Party didn't take the time to actually add up the funds raised by both candidates by Omaha based donors. Douglas Garwood is an honorable man who has nothing but the best interests in mind for his constituents in District 17 & Nebraska. This is just another example of desperate attempts by the Democrats to cheat and lie their way into office. I'm hoping that the voters of District 17 will make the right choice and the best investment for our future & elect Douglas Garwood as the next District 17 Legislator.

Monday, October 27, 2008


A multitude of Americans are still wanting to know who is Barack Obama? A fair question to be asked of a Junior Senator who rose from Community Organizer to serve as a United States Senator for less than three years, to now run for President of the United States of America.
As a Illinois State Senator, Obama voted present one-hundred-thirty times. Obama also voted against a Constitutional Amendment to the Illinois Constitution for the mandatory care to infants that survived abortion. He denied this living child rights because it jeopardized Roe v. Wade, the “law of the land.”
The issue of Obama’s relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers and the Chicago branch of ACORN have recently barraged ads and news stories. ACORN was so impressed with the community organizer, that they had him train ACORN staff and teach classes. Obama paid ACORN $800,000 for Get Out The Vote efforts. ACORN’s involvement in risky loans and irresponsible financial behavior is one of many causes to today’s current economic dilemma. It’s rumored that the political career of Barack Obama was launched in the living room of Bill Ayers, but like Obama’s Harvard dissertation paper, the world may never know. Obama and Ayers ran a radical education foundation, which Obama wrote the bylaws for. As raised by the McCain campaign, the issue is not Obama’s friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, but his judgment and candor.
The candidate of hope and change, is actually the candidate of higher taxes, larger government, and more spending. Our spending is out of control and our government is the largest since the Great Society. Obama has voted for the last two budgets of more than $24 billion in spending. Senator Obama has voted ninety-four times for higher taxes. Senator Obama wants to “spread the wealth” of hardworking Americans to support socialistic programs and government handouts.
Regardless of your opinions on the war in Iraq, it’s fundamental that we support our troops, provide them the necessary equipment, and keep them safe. In the United States Senate, Senator Obama voted to cut funding for our troops. On August 8Th, 2007 at the Iowa State Fair, Obama’s running mate Joe Biden said “Obama voted against the money to make a political point.” On NBC’s Meet The Press, Biden also added that “this cuts off support that would have saved the lives of thousands of American troops.” Senator Biden, somewhat known for his vast knowledge of foreign policy, agrees Senator Obama does not know what’s best for our troops and lacks foreign policy credentials.
2007’s most liberal United States Senator is now the candidate of “hope and change you can believe in.” It’s change to larger government, outrageous spending, and higher taxes. Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin offer solutions for America’s economic crisis, a vast knowledge on foreign policy, tax cuts for all Americans, and proven leadership. America needs a President who has dedicated his life to serving our country and used his career to promote change, not a President who has served less than four years and used change to promote his career.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Failed Liberal Policies Are Not In the Best Interest of America

(This post is in response to a letter to the editor by Mr. Joseph Smith attacking McCain and Palin as the not smart choice. Read the letter at

We can debate until we’re blue in the face who won the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. These debates provided Americans with an opportunity to hear where the candidates stood on the issues and for some Americans, an opportunity to get to know Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Mr. Smith attacks McCain and Palin for appealing to the concerns of the American people and for relating to “Joe Six-pack”. As for Obama and Biden being the logical and intelligent choice and the team of idea’s and global perspectives, American voters should be concerned of a candidate who has only been in the United States Senate for less than three years and has little to no Foreign Policy experience. Will America truly benefit from an inexperienced Junior Senator from liberal New York sitting down and negotiating with terrorists and leaders of rogue nations? Fortunately, Senator Biden does have foreign policy experience. Then why isn’t the more experienced candidate their Presidential candidate? As for being the team of ideas, are they really the ideas and solutions America needs. Government run health care, cut and run strategies in Iraq, and higher taxes to fund larger government does not seem like beneficial ideas to me.
As for the claim that if Americans could revote, they would elect John Kerry, I would like to state that the election results were 286 for George W. Bush and 252 for John Kerry. Studies do show that in a time of national crisis and war, Americans are more likely to vote for the incumbent. Given the fact that we had been recently attacked and had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, John Kerry would not have been the better choice. It is so easy to criticize our current Commander in Chief, but put any other politician in their shoes. I feel that George Bush managed those crisis situations to the best of his ability and has done a commendable job. The meltdown of our economy can not be solely blamed on one man, we have already discovered all known planets, there are no curable diseases plaguing our planet, nor are there superpowers threatening the security of our nation. Since World War Two, our enemies and their tactics have changed, so it’s difficult to truly compare the two. Since when do we trust what pundits on the television are saying about our economy. For every one economist predicting an economic meltdown and the second Great Depression, you can find an economist saying otherwise.
I’m growing tired of liberals making the case that a John McCain administration is another four years of the Bush Administration. Simply comparing the policies of both John McCain and George Bush will prove otherwise. Since we’re making cases, let us not forget that Senator Barrack Obama is one of the most liberal Senators in Washington and has 95% of the time has supported failed liberal policies that have harmed America. John McCain has the knowledge, experience, and the proven leadership necessary to lead America out of our current economic troubles, safely and responsibly bring our troops home, and restore America’s status on an international level. Having voted for George W. Bush, I have no regrets, nor do I have any regrets supporting Senator John S. McCain.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is Nebraska's 2nd District Really in Play for the Democrats? has recently published polling data conducted by Research 2000 of Rockville, Maryland. A total of 400 likely voters in the Second Congressional District were interviewed by telephone between October 6 and October 8, 2008.

QUESTION: If the election for Congress were held today would you vote for Jim Esch the Democrat or Lee Terry the Republican?
ALL 49% 39% 2% 10%
MEN 53% 37% 3% 7%

WOMEN 45% 41% 1% 13%
DEMOCRATS 12% 79% 2% 7%

REPUBLICANS 82% 6% 1% 11%

INDEPENDENTS 46% 38% 2% 14%
18-29 46% 42% 2% 10%

30-44 52% 37% 2% 9%

45-59 51% 38% 2% 9%

60+ 48% 39% 1% 12%

QUESTION: If the election for President were held today would you vote for the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin or another candidate?
ALL 53% 40% 3% 4%
MEN 56% 37% 4% 3%

WOMEN 50% 43% 2% 5%
DEMOCRATS 17% 79% 1% 3%

REPUBLICANS 84% 6% 4% 6%

INDEPENDENTS 52% 42% 4% 2%
18-29 49% 44% 3% 4%

30-44 56% 38% 4% 2%

45-59 55% 40% 3% 2%

60+ 52% 38% 2% 8%

QUESTION: If election for U.S. Senate were held today would you vote for Scott Kleeb the Democrat or Mike Johanns the Republican?
ALL 54% 39% 7%
MEN 57% 38% 5%

WOMEN 51% 40% 9%
DEMOCRATS 17% 79% 4%


OTHER 54% 42% 4%
18-29 50% 43% 7%

30-44 57% 37% 6%

45-59 56% 39% 5%

60+ 53% 37% 10%

There has been so much hype with the possibility of Obama being able to steal one of Nebraska's 5 electoral votes. The above data shows that Nebraska is a truly conservative state that will continue to stay RED. The data also shows how out of touch all three Democratic candidates are with the principles and values of Nebraskans. Barack Obama, Scott Kleeb, and Jim Esch are all inexperienced candidates who stand for nothing and will fall for anything!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reactions to Scott Kleebs visit to Wayne State College

Senatorial candidate Scott Kleeb visited Wayne State College this afternoon. Forty-five minutes late, Kleeb took the stage in our lower cafeteria and began addressing issues, such as the economy, education, agriculture, etc. Energetically, Kleeb used fear mongering to paint the current economic situation as dire and the end of the world. Like his fellow Democrats, he made comments such as "we're paying for the failure of the current leadership". Yes, George Bush is completely to blame for the mess on Wall Street. Am I the only one growing tired of that line? How about instead of pointing fingers, we start looking for a real solution. Kleeb continued by saying, "We have no faith in our political leadership" and trashing our current government. If government is so awful, then why does Dr. Cowboy want to seek political office? Kleeb continued on with no real solutions. During the question and answer portion, Kleeb gave generic Democrat responses and danced around my question on the issue of abortion. The "cherry on top" of this disastrous visit was when Kleebs staffer blurted out that they had another event to be getting to and could only take one more question (remember he was forty-five minutes late and had only spoke for about a half an hour). Twenty minutes after he finished, Dr. Cowboy was still in the lower cafeteria; not taking questions, but talking to the press! Does Nebraska really want a slick talking, no solution Democrat who dances around hot topic issues and can't make time for the voters, or are we ready for a Senator who has the best interest of Nebraskans at heart and a candidate with a solid record of serving Nebraska?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Proven, Tested, Trusted

All focus currently rests on the Presidential election, but I have decided to dedicate my next couple of columns to political races here in Nebraska. Many Nebraskan’s are not fully aware of the candidates seeking the position currently held by Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. The Republican Party’s candidate is Mike Johanns and the Democratic Party’s candidate is Scott Kleeb.
Johanns was Nebraska's 38th governor. During his six years in office, he promoted an agenda of tax relief, less government, building the economy, protecting families, and ensuring the health, safety, and success of Nebraska’s children. On January 21, 2005, Johanns was sworn in as the 28th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where for nearly three years he worked to expand foreign market access for U.S. producers and promoted the growth of the renewable fuels industry. Additionally, Johanns developed an in-depth Farm Bill proposal, which was submitted to Congress in January of 2007.
With the current state of the economy, Nebraskans are going to need a Senator who understands their needs and concerns. Johanns vows to fight to keep as many jobs as possible in the United States. Understanding the struggles of rural Nebraska, Mike will support job creation by encouraging rural development, investment in research, technology and infrastructure, and expand the economic opportunities by researching new ways to make our country energy independent.
Johanns often notes that “for too long our energy policy has been based on three words: No, no, and no. It’s time for an energy policy that says “yes” to America”. As Governor and Secretary of Agriculture, Johanns has made expanding renewable fuels a top priority. He sees corn-based ethanol not only as a temporary solution, but vital to ensuring our long term energy needs. Another area that Johanns believes Nebraskan’s need to and can be the leader in is research and construction of cellulosic ethanol research. Johanns wants to expand domestic oil and natural gas exploration, lower gas prices by streamlining the onerous refinery regulations, expand our energy supply through nuclear power plants, support the development and use of wind, solar, and battery-operated vehicles. All while promoting conservation and protecting our environment.
As Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Johanns traveled over to Iraq to visit Nebraska’s men and women in uniform. They told the Secretary that they believe in their mission, they are seeing progress, and that the situation is getting better, and that is why Mike Johanns does not agree with those advocating surrender and retreat in Iraq. Johanns believes we must support their mission and provide the tools necessary to get the job done. He opposes attempts to see artificial deadlines for the precipitous withdrawal of our troops; only signaling to the enemy to wait for us to leave. He believes that instead of the United States shelling out money, Iraq should use its oil money to pay for a greater and greater share of reconstruction and security.
In the areas of the economy, energy policy, and national security, Secretary Johanns has the experience and record to prove that he is the best option for properly representing the interests and ideals of Nebraskans. The above information and more can be found at

Palin, Obama Religion Drama

In my last column I praised Palin and deceived you with my false opinions; please let me apologize for my erroneous beliefs. Recently in the media, controversy has arisen concerning the religious practices of Governor Sarah Palin. Being a bitter Midwesterner that clings to my guns and religion, I would like to take this opportunity to compare and contrast the religious practices of the churches of Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, as well as espouse more of my misleading opinions. CNN breaks with news of Governor Palin being Pentecostal, featuring reporters interviewing the pastor and congregation members of the Wasilla Assembly of God church. Palin was baptized and raised Catholic, eventually leaving the Catholic Church and becoming baptized into the Wasilla Assembly of God church. In an Associated Press piece, Grant Wacker, an expert in Pentecostalism at Duke Divinity School in Durham, N.C, explains that “Pentecostals are seen by the public to be sectarian and uncompromising.” This is mainly because of their belief in baptism in the Holy Spirit; manifested through speaking in tongues, modern day prophesy, and faith healing. To Anderson Coopers dismay, Palin has since left the Wasilla Assembly of God church and joined Wasilla Bible church, a non-affiliated Evangelical church. When you think the church drama is over, the Associated Press releases information that Governor Palin current church partakes in “pray away the gay” movements. A blatant distortion of the truth, the Wasilla bible church is conducting gay ministries, like all other Christian churches. The goals of such ministries include “aiding parents who want to learn how to better love their sons or daughters without compromising their faith; helping people who want to better understand the many factors that can lead to someone adopting a homosexual identity; and assisting those who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions and want to discover how they might also start upon the difficult path to overcoming those desires.” Senator Barack Obama was a member of Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s South Side for twenty years. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, former leader of the church, brought about controversies for Senator Obama with his infamous remark, “No, no, no, not God Bless America, God damn America. That’s in the Bible for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating our citizens as less than humans.” Trinity United Church preaches black liberation theology based on the black value system. Senator Obama has also shot himself in the foot with comments such as “And it’s not surprising that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion” and “Look, I got two daughters-9 years old and 6 years old. I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby.”I do not understand black liberation theology, nor am I accustomed with the black value system, but as a Christian, I am taught to love my fellow man. When churches are preaching racial values over Christian values, no one benefits. For a Reverend to use the Lord’s name in vain while cursing his own country, seems counterproductive to the mission of Trinity United Church of Christ. Senator Obama must have been absent from church the Sunday Reverend Wright condemned the killing of innocent people and the treatment of our citizens as less than humans, especially with his remarks towards abortion and not wanting his daughters punished with a baby. As for Governor Palin, to each their own. Whether you’re Catholic, Baptist, or Lutheran, Christians all across America and around the world are awaiting the day we have openly devote Christians back in the White House to bring America back to its fundamental Christian values.

A Match Made In Heaven

We have all been on pins and needles awaiting the nomination of John McCain’s Vice Presidential Candidate. Talking heads speculated, Conservatives prayed, and Democrats were whooping it up in Denver at their National Convention. The short list contained the names of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jihndahl, and Florida Governor Charlie Christ, but Senator McCain picked a hockey mom from Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Palin, age forty-four, is a mother of five and has been active in Civic Service since serving on the local PTA. She was elected to the Wasilla City Council in 1992, was elected as Mayor of Wasilla in 1996, and elected the first woman and youngest Governor of Alaska in December 2006. As Governor, Palin has fought against and revealed corruption among the Alaskan Republican Party, opposed the “Bridge to Nowhere”, and encouraged the growth of the Alaskan economy. She is praised by Conservatives for being of strong faith, an advocate of the Pro-Life Movement, and a friend of the Second Amendment.Senator John McCain is not the ideal choice by Conservatives; even some Republicans are hesitant of his maverick behavior. I am confident in the choice of McCain as the Republican Presidential nominee. Our next President needs to have the military experience to lead our troops in a time of war and the foreign policy expertise to protect our nation from threats within and abroad. McCain has a strict record of fighting Pork Barrel spending in Washington and reaching across the aisle to achieve the best for America.Governor Palin will provide the fiscal and social conservatism needed for the Republican and Conservative base to rally around the presumptive nominee’s. She also will appeal to mothers and women, shattering that glass ceiling Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton have cracked away at. Palin is proof that women can be loving mothers and still be a career woman, even in the vicious world of politics. Governor Palin has the executive experience that no other Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate has; making her highly qualified to handle domestic issues. I have complete faith in McCain’s choice of running mate and hope that as people get to know her, they will become captivated by her story and charisma. Regardless of your political affiliation or views, Americans have an opportunity to make history this election. I urge everyone who is not registered to vote to visit your local Election Commissioner or County Clerk. It is our duty as American’s to be actively involved in our political system and this election should not only encourage, but inspire our generation to be involved.

Reactions to the Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency

I was very shocked to see the GREAT ORATOR, Barrack Obama, stuttering his way through many of the tough questions on religion, ethics, and morals. I felt that many of his answers were very generic and simple. I am worried that Obama is using this forum as an opportunity to bamboozle Americans into believing he is a man of strong religious morals and value's. Many Americans will not take the time to research where Obama stands on many of the important social and moral issues that currently plague our country. His record is a prime example of his pro-choice liberalism that has eroded our country to it's current culture of death & Godless Nation. I am please to hear that Obama does not support same-sex marriages and faith-based organization, but again I hope that this is not just lip service to gain the conservative vote. After listening to many of Obama's answers, I hope that I am not the only one who heard the underlying answers...HIGHER TAXES. Obama promises many services and opportunities for all Americans, but the key question is HOW DOES HE PLAN TO FUND SUCH SERVICES AND OPPORTUNITIES... RAISE YOUR TAXES??------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As an avid conservative, it bothers me when Conservatives and Republicans constantly invoke the name of Ronald Reagan. I do believe that Reagan is one of the best Presidents we have had and represented outstanding policies and issues. However, it is easy to pledge alliance to Reagan Conservatism, but difficult to stand for your own true conservative principles. McCain's tales from his POW experiences and his testimony of his Christian Faith pulling him through unthinkable harm only proves that his faith and experiences makes him qualified to take control of our country. I am proud to hear McCain effortlessly say that the right of the child begins at the time of conception, marriage is between one man and one woman, and stem cell research is unacceptable when lives are being created for destruction. McCain's dedication for strong National Security and working across the aisle to provide it, shows the advantage McCain has over Obama. As mentioned by my roommate, McCain is a NO B.S. kind of man. McCain tells you how he stands on issues and what he plans to do about the issues facing our nation. Obama danced around many of the answers, especially when defining when a child attains rights.

Earthday: An Inconvenient Pain in My Butt

Earth Day and Global Warming are two topics I completely ignore, but since Al Gore and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are involved, I feel obligated to comment! Warning: Liberals and Americans pathetic enough to believe this Global Warming hoax should stop reading immediately and go recycle this paper!Al Gore is a washed-up politician who found an environmental issue he could exploit and get rich off of. Mr. Gore is so concerned about the environment; he continues to fly around in his jumbo-jet to warn the world. PETA is a crazy liberal organization that’s more concerned with the rights of animals than the rights of humans. Aborting a living child from the womb is acceptable, but God forbid we raise and kill animals for the purpose of food.In time for Earth Day, PETA has launched a new campaign declaring Gore is too chicken to go Vegetarian. Though they acknowledge Gore’s efforts, he’s a hypocrite because he continues to eat meat. How dare you Mr. Gore! PETA refers to a United Nations study, finding that the meat industry creates 40% more green-house gas than all the cars, trucks, SUVs, ships, and planes in the word combined. The campaign asks that we all “go vegan for 30 days, preventing the equivalent of more than 270 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the Earth's atmosphere”. By eating vegan for thirty days, they hope you will ultimately switch to a vegan diet and liberate the innocent animals from their cruel destiny. As a God-fearing Christian, I understand that God intended animals to be used as a source of nutrients and fulfill our basic human needs. Meat is a source of vitamins and other necessary nutrients, which are not readily available in fruits and vegetables. Since you’re probably thinking that I am for polluting our environment and brutally murdering animals, let me clarify. As residents of this great planet Earth, we must all be responsible in cleaning and protecting the planet. However, the earth goes through a natural cycle of heating and cooling (remember that thing called the Ice Age?) and we must not be fooled into believing that this is the end of the world. Let’s take action by recycling, car pooling, and walking. Simple things can make a huge difference. I would like to take this opportunity to launch my own Earth Day campaign. I ask that all barbaric carnivores eat double the normal amount of meat products for 30 days, but leave the car at home and walk to class. We’re helping the farmers, the economy, and Mother Nature all at one time. Happy Earth Day, go enjoy some red meat, and have a great rest of the semester!!

Obama's Baby Burden

With John McCain securing the Republican nomination, I now sit back and enjoy the debacle that is the Democratic nomination process. Senators Obama and Clinton have been at each others throats, doing all of the work for Republicans. However, a recent comment by Senator Obama was no more than a blip on the liberal media’s radar, so I am making it my prerogative to exploit his insensitive comments on the sanctity of life. “I have two daughters, nine-years old and six years old. I’m going to teach them first of all about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at the age of sixteen”.The United States needs a President who does not live in the now, but plans for our nation’s future. The future of our nation rests in the hands of our children, making it vital that we provide extensive and thorough educations to all of our children. We need a President who understands the importance of what our children are being taught because of their high level of impressionability. Children are a blessing, even those who turn out to be liberals. A President, who advocates “age appropriate” sex education for kindergartners and refers to the miracle of child birth as a burden is a man of no moral standards who promotes radical change and makes empty promises to gain votes. Obama supporters, who are not die-hard liberals, please do our country a favor. Before you cast your vote in the General Election, find out where Obama stands on the issues in comparison to your beliefs. You may be very surprised as to what you will find!

Planned Parenthood's Sex Advice

Below is an article in today's Omaha World Herald. I read this and was outraged, but not surprised to see that Planned Parenthood was spearheading this project! And following the story are my reactions!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Web site's sex advice arouses opposition by JOSEPH MORTON WORLD-HERALD BUREAU WASHINGTON — A Web site offering detailed sex information to teenagers has some Midlands lawmakers turning red."It's enough to make an old person blush," said Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb. "If that was in a printed magazine, it would be wrapped (in brown paper) and put behind a counter, and no teens would be allowed to buy it."Planned Parenthood Federation of America started the site years ago as a way of providing medically accurate answers to the questions adolescents have about their changing bodies and sexual activity.According to Planned Parenthood, adults can't afford to be naive — many young people are going to have sex, and they need access to the most comprehensive information possible in order to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.But some members of Congress now say the site goes too far, both in the graphic detail it provides and the messages it sends on topics such as premarital sex and abortion."It's borderline pornographic," said Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. "It's far too descriptive, and it's unnecessary, and it's funded by federal taxpayer dollars funneled through Planned Parenthood."The site is actually paid for by a private donation, according to Planned Parenthood. And the group says it keeps that private money separate from the federal funding it receives for health services such as cancer screenings, just as it keeps federal funding separate from its abortion services.Planned Parenthood receives about one-third of its $1 billion in total annual revenue from government grants and contracts.King said what Planned Parenthood bills as "safer sex" on the Web site, he calls "promiscuity." He said the teen sex advice site was called to his attention earlier this year, and he hopes he can persuade his colleagues to cut off federal funding for the organization.Discussion about the site comes in the midst of a larger debate on Capitol Hill about how, what and when young people should learn about sex. A hot button in that debate is the hundreds of millions of dollars the federal government has been spending in recent years for programs that promote abstinence.Nebraska has been receiving about $218,000 a year for such programs. That money is doled out as grants to communities that seek them.Opponents of abstinence-based programs point to studies that say such programs tend to include inaccurate information and aren't all that effective. Many states have started turning down the money.Earlier this year, Iowa Gov. Chet Culver decided to reject any future federal funding for abstinence education once its current funding expires this summer.A Culver spokesman said the governor wanted to send a message to Washington that local communities in Iowa would not have their hands tied when it came to health programs. Iowa had been receiving $318,000 a year.Rep. Jim Moran, a Virginia Democrat, and 75 other lawmakers this month wrote a letter calling for the elimination of the Community-Based Abstinence Education program from the 2009 budget.Terry has been a chief proponent of federal funding for abstinence programs, pushing to increase the amount of money going to them. He noted the rarity of such federally funded programs in the Omaha area, however, and said abstinence-based programs have never really been given a chance to succeed.The oft-cited study that found inaccurate information in abstinence-based education involved an outdated program, Terry said.The stakes in the debate are high.A recent report by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that one in four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease, which can cause long-term health problems and lead to infertility and cervical cancer.In Douglas County, STD rates for teens and adults are significantly above the national level. The CDC study was an analysis of nationally representative data on 838 girls who participated in a 2003-04 government health survey.Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, said that considering those statistics, the debate should revolve around what works to keep youngsters safe."The more you have an open conversation, whether it's a parent to their child or whether it's a trusted teacher who can give good information, the more likely young people are to both delay being sexually active and, eventually, when they do become sexually active, the more likely they are to not do something risky," Richards said.Anyone who remembers being in a giggling classroom of youngsters watching a video in health class can attest to what an uncomfortable subject sex can be. So it's not hard to imagine parents blushing at the material included on the Web site.The site has articles such as "All About Arousal: The Science of Sex." The site also describes how teens can obtain birth control and gives advice to girls who are under 18 and may have trouble affording emergency contraception, or the "morning-after pill."It has interactive features such as "Farmer Tina's Sexually Transmitted Infection Petting Zoo."The site has advice for boys whose girlfriends become pregnant and decide to have abortions. It tells boys that they can be "compassionate partners" by offering to pay for as much of the procedure as they can and supporting the girl's decision, even if he disagrees with it.A quiz about sexually transmitted infections details various forms of safer "sex play." The site also recommends safe sex options and answers questions submitted by users.Said Rep. Adrian Smith, R-Neb.: "This site is wholly inappropriate as an 'educational' endeavor and looks like it belongs on late-night cable. If any federal funds are used for this exercise in poor taste, we are truly letting down the American taxpayer."King accused Planned Parenthood of having financial interests at stake since it provides abortions and contraception."They cash in on promiscuity, on sexual activity, regardless of whether it's the contraception or whether it's the abortion," King said. "They've got a perverse motivation here to undermine the morality of our society."Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, R-Neb., said he would like to see federal funding to Planned Parenthood cut."You have to question the motives of an organization that, in effect, promotes risky sexual behavior and also profits from the pain of abortion," Fortenberry said. "We should be focusing on helping young people to be confident and self-possessed, avoiding unhealthy situations."Bobbie Kierstead, vice president of public affairs for Planned Parenthood of Nebraska & Council Bluffs, said those comments represent political attacks from longtime opponents of the organization. She said about 750,000 teenagers will get pregnant this year and 4 million will get an STD."It's more important than ever that teens have medically accurate, lifesaving health information, and politicians shouldn't try to deny it to them," she said.The group encourages parents, particularly of younger children, to talk about what they should be viewing on the Web, she said.When Richards, the national head of Planned Parenthood, learned that the Web site has been making congressmen such as Terry uncomfortable, she suggested that the Omaha lawmaker attend one of the organization's classes that teach parents how to talk about sex with their children.Terry said he agrees that parents have a responsibility when it comes to providing sex education, but he objects to the group posting the material on a Web site. He added that he and his wife already have talked about how and when to go over the facts of life with their sons."We feel that we have a good grasp of that," Terry said. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*To those people who think I make facts up and don't research before I write, I actually tried looking at Planned Parenthood's website, but was unable to access it on my computer. Hmm, that is rather ironic? Maybe because my computer knows better!!Well Planned Parenthood, I have to disagree that many youth are only wanting to try sex because it is glorified and taught that it is OK to have premarital sex by many liberal organizations (especially your own)! If facts and statistics about STD's and the cost of supporting a child were actually taught, people would be too afraid to try it for the first time. Yes, I am promoting scare tactics! But I would not call them scare tactics, I would call it REALITY! Similar to how they take troubled teens into crack houses and alleyways to show them how they will end up if they continue down that path! I agree that parents MUST be talking to their children about sex. That's right, I said PARENTS, not teachers, not pro-aborts! Parents! However, I also understand that the parents are not always around, but there are other places to seek information, such as churches, faith-based clinics, hospitals! Planned Parenthood is not concerned with youth having sex, they're exploiting sex to make a profit and to further rape our nation of it's Christian morals and heritage! "It's more important than ever that teens have medically accurate, lifesaving health information". Oh are we now talking about first aid and CPR? Here is medically accurate and lifesaving information, free of charge: KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS OR BE GROWN-UP ENOUGH TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES! Before I end my rant, there was another individual who was addressing the issue of abortion today, just after I had read this article! Senator Obama had been asked about several issues, abortion being one of them. Senator Obama said that "they have talked to their two daughters about sex and that if they do "mess-up", he does not want them to be BURDENED with a child". Obama, you claim to be a Christian and a man of faith, and I am never one to question one's faith, but how can you promote pre-marital sex and that a child is a burden? I hope that all TRUE Christians hear the vile words that spew from your filthy mouth, especially those you have brainwashed into supporting you!I am proud to have Lee Terry Representing Nebraska and glad that Iowans have such an honorable Representative as Steve King!

Godless Nation

I have heard the United States referenced as “a Godless Nation”, but never took it into consideration. On my way to Easter with my family, I turned on the radio to hear Panic at the Disco’s, “I Write Sins, not Tragedies”. That is when I accepted the fact that our nation has begun to cut God out of the picture. What am I talking about? “Haven’t you people ever heard of, closing the God damn door, no…”, except God is bleeped out and damn is not. No, I’m not advocating we use God’s name in vain, but why not bleep out the entire phrase or substitute gosh darn?You’re probably wondering why I’m making such a big deal over song lyrics, but this is just one example of Hollywood, the media, and the liberal left desensitizing America and encouraging a culture of sin. It started with song lyrics and television and has seeped into our public schools systems. They promote premarital sex, homosexuality, and teach that if you get knocked up, it’s acceptable to run down to your local abortionist for an out-patient procedure. How can we reduce the current decay of our nation? We can begin to make a difference by electing a President who shares this concern and one with similar morals! Barack Obama touts himself as the candidate of change, but we must inquire into the type of change he’s promising. Anyone who pays attention to the news has seen the controversy with Obama’s spiritual advisor. A President, who seeks spiritual advice from a “preacher” who damns America and preaches hate, can not be encouraging positive change. Imagine with me, President Obama and a nation of socialized medicine (long waiting lists for simple operations), kindergartners learning about condoms and that premarital sex is acceptable, women are encouraged to live promiscuous lifestyles because unwanted pregnancies can be “cured” like the common cold, and all while President Obama wines and dines with Kim Jung Il, Hugo Chavez, and Osama bin Laden. We will be a nation denouncing genocide, but promoting the killing of a living, breathing child because it’s inconvenient. I understand not everyone will share the same religious and political views, but as a nation, we are responsible for instilling some social standards. Parents are ultimately responsible for teaching their children right and wrong, but all of that is contradicted and easily erased because we have no standards or limits to what is being “taught” in elementary schools, high schools, and colleges! Many of us sit silent in class and allow our professors to force their political and social ideology upon us. When we stand up for what we believe, we are quickly silenced and threatened with poor grades or expulsion from class. If we continue to sit silent, liberals will successfully erode the United States of its few remaining ethics and morals!

Demand Immigration Reform

I usually feel mutual about Governor Heineman and the decisions he makes. On the issue of immigration, I feel like he is one of the few lawmakers listening to Nebraskans. There are many great benefits available to the residents of Nebraska, but so few experience these benefits because they’re being horded by “non-legal” residents. Governor Heineman introduced LB 963, which would prohibit state agencies and political subdivisions from providing federal, state, or local public benefits to individuals in the United States illegally. The proposed bill would also require all state agencies and political subdivisions to verify lawful status of individuals applying for benefits. However, the bill would not apply to benefits defined under federal law, emergency medical benefits, short-term emergency disaster relief, public health assistance for prevention and treatment of communicable diseases, and programs, services, or assistance necessary for the protection of life and safety. Lastly, and most importantly, LB 963 would disqualify the children of illegal immigrant’s access to college education at in-state tuition rates. Since in-state tuition benefits began, twenty-eight students have taken advantage of it. I must applaud Governor Heineman and Senator Mike Friend for looking out for Nebraska taxpayers. Why should the benefits our tax’s pay for go to illegal residents, instead of benefiting hardworking, deserving Nebraskan’s? Unfortunately, the Legislatures Judiciary Committee listened to the minority of Nebraskan’s (30-40%) and denied the Governors bill from being heard by the entire legislature. We must let our law makers know that we are disgusted and dismayed by the actions of the judiciary committee. We must demand that action be taken to contain the plague of illegal immigration in Nebraska and stop the leeching-off of our taxpayers. For other Nebraskan’s yearning for immigration reform, LB 784, passed by Senator Gwen Howard, was released from committee and into the full legislature. The proposed bill would require all businesses applying for state business tax incentives to certify they have not violated immigration law by knowingly employing undocumented immigrants. All businesses receiving incentives that are caught hiring illegal aliens would be ineligible for future incentives and would repay for those already received. This bill protects employers and employees who follow immigration rules and rewards them with tax and other incentives; whereas businesses in violation of immigration laws are severely punished.The above mentioned bills are what Nebraska needs. The people of Nebraska work too hard to make a living to have it stolen right out from under them, as our lawmakers stand by and let it happen! Illegal immigration will only be controlled if we contact our lawmakers and hold them accountable. Federal reform is very drastically needed, but starting on the state level will pave that way.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Off Your High-Horse Before I Knock You Off

This week’s column goes out to my fellow conservatives, especially those who have this preconceived notion that they’re ordained by God and can never be wrong. As a fellow conservative, I am becoming very frustrated. I also understand why people are being turned off to becoming conservatives!
Though I consider myself a semi-staunch conservative, I have grown sick of the radical right-wing establishment, those on holy crusades to better our country, and especially the talking heads that are causing anarchy among the Republican Party. Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity do not know what is best for the American people, only the American people do. When these nationally known “conservatives” came out bashing John McCain, especially when Coulter said she would support Clinton over McCain, “conservatives” listened and have greatly demised the possibility of having a Republican in the White House in 2008.
John McCain, current U.S. Senator from Arizona, is disliked by Conservatives and main stream Republicans for his “maverick” tendencies. McCain has been a strong proponent of the troop surge in Iraq and staying the course, his service in the Vietnam War plays a considerate role in this decision. Senator McCain has done so much for the betterment of our Country by reaching across the aisle and working with Democrats and Liberals, which apparently is shunned upon by Conservatives. I strongly agree with the majority of conservative beliefs, but also understand that sometimes you have to get off your moral high horse and compromise with your political opponent, otherwise nothing would be accomplished! John McCain is the candidate who can unite Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, and Independents to better America internally and on the international scene.
Those conservatives who are still riding high and have not accepted McCain are only left with one candidate, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Conservatives flock around Huckabee simply because he is an ordained Baptist minister who runs on the pro-life, same sex marriage, and tax cut agenda. I find these issues very important and want a candidate who shares similar views as I do. There is a difference between a self-ordained conservative and a record solid conservative. Mike Huckabee has a record of being a high tax raiser and supporting a flawed tax policy, being a push-over on immigration, and has NO INTERNAIONAL or FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE! Many have questioned why Huckabee is staying in the race, given it is mathematically impossible for him to obtain the nomination. Could he be running for a Vice Presidential nomination, God I hope not!
It is vital that Republicans unite behind an experienced candidate like McCain so that we are not forced to suffer under the reign of another Clinton or under the inexperienced reign of Obama.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Observation of the Nebraska Democratic Caucus- Wayne County

Today was a first in Nebraska history and as a student studying Political Science, I wanted to be an observer of Nebraska's first ever caucus (sadly it was a Democratic cacus). At 4:30 PM CST, I arrived at the Wayne County courthouse where I was surprised to see so many democrats. I stood in line for a good 10/15 min. to obtain an observers pass. The court room was packed and seemed equally divded. The caucus kicked off around 5:13 PM CST.

The first order of business was electing a chair for the Wayne County Dems. which was followed by the reading of a letter from the NE Dem. chair. The next occurance blew me away! We all rose and said the Pledge of Allegiance (except one guy who stayed seated and did not put his hand over his heart). I was shocked to see Godless liberals and anti-american democrats standing up pledging to our nation. I couldn't help but laugh inside at the hypocrisy and irony occuring in front of me!

As the "elephant in the room" (large pun intended) I was tired of hearing the anti-Bush propoganda of the leftist establishment, but would have been greatly confused without it! The actualy process was boring because there were only 8 undecided and Obama had the obvious majority. The testimonials given by the supporters were uncompelling, except one womn who stood up and gave a sob story about her mentally-handicapped sister who is causing her mother to become bankrupt and how Hillary Clinton's healthcare reform is the answer. The man metioned above who stayed seated during the Pledge of Allegiance was the only source of entertainment. He was uncommitted and apparently no one could convince him to choose a candidate; he walked into the center of the room, tore up his voting card while declaring that "both candidates make me sick", and left the room... DRAMA QUEEN!!

My overall evaulation of the caucus was that it was poorly managed, there was too much room for error and fraud, and there were several voters who gave their cards away and left because the process was stuffy and mundane!

I am very excited for May 13th, which is when Nebraska will hold their Primary, when Republicans will go to the polls and have an influence in the next Republican Presidential Candidate!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Annie, Baby, You're Killing Me!

So I am listening to Ann Coulter's speech from CPAC (which she was not invited to speak at, but brought to speak by the Young America Foundation) and am very disgusted. As a lifelong Ann Coulter fan, I am very upset that she is making more of an effort to attack and smear John McCain than she does Clinton or Obama. Come on Ann, McCain may not be a right-wing extremist like yourself, but he is the only candidate that can beat the Democrats! Your man Romney ( I about fell over when you called Romney a conservative and comparing him to Ronald Reagan?? I think the bleach is seeping into your brain!) is gone, so shut the hell up and accept the fact that you will soon be calling Senator McCain President McCain! I was a huge fan and was so excited to have seen you at CPAC last year, but I have really lost a lot of respect for you! You're still beautiful and I am glad that you are still speaking your mind, but am truly disgusted that you're comparing an American War Hero to a German Dictator and Mass-Murderer!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fox News Hottie

With this being Super Tuesday, I have been watching a lot of news, especially Fox News (yeah, I prefer Fox to the Clinton News Network) and have become very found of Fox News' Megyn Kelly. She is cute, sassy, spunky, she has a great sense of humor, and is not afraid to speak her mind!! SHE IS GREAT AND MAKE WATCHING THE NEWS MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE!!! Keep on doing that thing that you do Megyn!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Their campaigns are a joke, so why don't they drop out??

Since tomorrow is Super Tuesday, I am hoping that the Republican field will become a race between only two candidates. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Colorado Congressman Ron Paul are going nowhere and fast, so why are they still in the race?

I would like to have mental evaluations done on both Paul and Huckabee to see if they are crazy enough to still believe they have a shot at the nomination or (as I predict) they're still in the race for their political careers and to advance their radical agendas! I have to laugh, I was just checking out some "non-biased" polls and surprise, surprise, they had Ron Paul way out in front. Paul supporters need to put their joints down, take off their foil hats, and come out of their bunkers to embrace a Republican candidate who actually has a chance at the Presidency!! However, I do have to thank Mike Huckabee for sticking it out and steal conservative votes from Mitt Romney. I knew he was good for something!!

McCain is going to be the Republican candidate and conservatives need to stop their bitching and embrace a hero and a leader. McCain has been a maverick, but hase never strayed away from his morals! McCain is also the only opportunity Republicans have at beating Clinton or Obama... so you right-wing radical social conservatives should accept McCain and encourage him to select a true social conservative as his Vice President: Kansas Senator Sam Brownback!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Outraged by Immigration Idiocy

Just watching Fox News and was so outraged by this story I had to blog about it!

Fox News reported that Mexican Senators will be meeting with Arizona lawmakers (in Arizona) to criticize their sanction laws- penalizing employers who are hiring illegal immigrants. Mexican Senators disapprove of these sanction laws because these illegal immigrants would we forced back into Mexico and a lot of the towns where they would be returning to "can't handle the influx of citizens and there are not enough job opportunities....." Well tough titty! Maybe if the Mexican economy would get their poop in a group and work to create more jobs, they wouldn't have so many people coming to the U.S. to get jobs. And what enrages me more, is the fact that the Mexican government has Federal sanction laws restricting the hiring of illegal immigrants (who in their right mind would illegally migrate to Mexico anyway? Well besides that bastard Marine who raped and murdered his fellow Marine). What a great example of hypocrisy on the part of the Mexican government. And why are we letting them come over to our country to criticize our laws and promote lawbreaking? I have to give props to the Senators and legislators who have took a strong stance and are fighting Mexican lawmakers to protect Americans and the American economy!

In the matter of time it has taken me to blog the above story, Fox News also began discussing laws allowing employers to require only English be spoken at the work place. This is America and I think the first thing our next President or our Congress needs to do is pass a bill making English our National Language! Learn our language, come here the legal way, OR GET AND STAY OUT!

story on Mexican lawmakers criticizing Arizona sanction laws:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back 1 Week and Already Ticking Them Off...

I have only been back on campus for a little over a week and I have already "done something" to upset the liberals and the feminists here on campus. Several liberal student organizations and our counciling department are bringing the "Vagina Monologues" to campus. And to advertise the events, a banner with "What do you call you vagina?" was hung up in the lower cafeteria. Our campus is pretty liberal, but suprising to me, some conservative other than myself tore it down because it was offense, vulgar, and obscene. All the liberals and feminists got huffy and in their rage have started pointing fingers my direction- lets blame the one Republican/ Conservative who is outspoken and known for standing up for what he believes in. Well sadly, I had nothing to do with removing the banner, but I am very much opposed to the vagina monologues coming to my campus and in the process of organizing efforts to combat their comming. I am however enjoying all the drama and attention I am recieving (especially for something I had nothing to do with). But isn't i like liberals to throw the first stone and espcially without doing any investigating? All I have to say is BRING IT ON and be prepared to duke it out! As students we have the right to oppose the use of student fee's to bring such vile and appauling plays to our campus.

I will hopefully be posting more information about the on-going events and photos from the events. Also, I am going on a radio talk show tonight (I'm sure this topic will be brought up) and am to be interviewed by our school paper concerning my strong opposition to the plays. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Thompson will fight on

Ha ha ha... those of you who spread those slanderous rumors about Thompson dropping out of the race to endorse McCain can kiss my butt! Here's a link to a story on the Politico to prove it:

Even though he came in third, I feel that he will arise from the pack and make a surprise finish in the following primaries and caucus!

STAY TUNED FRED-HEADS and lets keep up the support!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reactions to the Iowa Caucus'

I have some very mixed opinions as to the result of tonights caucus'; Republican and Democrat. So anyone who has read my previous posts knows that I now back Thompson. Well I feel that Thompson's 13% showing was "fair", but typical to Iowa. The evangelicals have a strong influence behind Huckabee and Romney has sunk thousands of dollars.. why wouldn't we expect him to atleast land second. Thompson did better vote wise than McCain and I feel that people nationally will find Thompson as the candidate who is "middle of the road" and a candidate that has a solid record for what he stands for. Thompson is also not a candidate running soley on religous zeal, money, or on issues they have recently come to hold vital. As to the slanderous rumors of Fred dropping out... I feel that this was a ploy released by rival campaigns to hurt Thompson's campaign and win some last minute votes... but we shall see. If Thompson does drop out... well I'll keep you all in suspense as to who I will support.

As for the Democraps:
I wasn't shocked to see Obama take the win, but was suprised to see Edwards step up and take the lead over Clinton. I think Edwards has been over-looked, but don't think that this one state caucus will be the end of Clinton by any means.

As for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee:
My biggest qualms with Mike is his support for the Fair Tax. As a fiscal conservative, I feel the Fair Tax is too deceptive and a flawed system that looks good on paper, but better than it sounds and would take a miracle to enact. I also have been very disgusted with the "jokes" he has made and his overall disregard for the seriousness of a run for the Presidency. As a Christian man, I look for a candidate who is a fellow believer, but though a Baptist minister, I question many of the things he has said and done. Lastly, we need a candidate who when up against the evils of Obama, Clinton, or Edwards can of course carry the base, but also pull in the center, independents, and conservative democrats... Huckabee is not that man.

In five days is the New Hampshire Primary and we will see how the candidates fare there. I'm not sure if we will have a candidate by Feb. or if we will have to wait until the convention to find our Republican candidate. Keep a close watch to my blog and especially concerning Fred Thompson!