Monday, November 3, 2008

Staggering His Way to the White House

Last night while driving in my car, audio was played of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden. In the first audio, we hear a very drunk Senator Biden singing "The Villages, Florida's friendliest home town" (the tv jingle from a retirement viallge). If you YouTube Joe Biden singing the Villages, you get a very entertaining video of Joe singing & dancing along a river. The second audio bite was an introduction he gave for Michelle & Barack Obama. He's slurring his speech & even makes "passes" at Michelle, the whole time those around him are chuckling like this is all fun & games. Again, youtube drunk Joe Biden for a cheap laugh!
People are making a huge deal about Sarah Palin being one step away from taking the White House in the instance that McCain were to die, which I highly doubt will occur since he's in very good health! Well what about the fact that if Barack Obama is elected (God help us) & if he were to be killed or he died, America would have a raging alcoholic at the helm! Joe Biden is a joke, his political campaigns have been a joke, & the man needs rehab, not more political power.
So tomorrow when you're headed to the polls, keep this in mind!

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