Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Injustice Sucks!

So the question was just asked of me: "how did i become so interested in political science and how did i choose that as my major in college?" Well my response was that i believe that our government should be representative of it's people and that when the people of a city, state, country, nation, etc have a problem, the government should be the ones to work with the people to solve the problem. It's in my human nature to want to help people, especially those that are misrepresented.
WOW, this is a really naive perception of todays government. I've seen so many injustices in todays society that i almost makes me sick... how can we disregard the lawsor make exceptions for people who put the life of another at risk and still live with ourselves?? What i am rambling about is this; (1) friend in jail, misrepresnted in court, denied certain rights in jail, etc (2) while friend was in court, his sentencing/punishment harsher than others who committed worse crimes (3) State Legislater disregarding the people of Nebraska and their vote to repeal a law!
My friend "Bob" was arrested for burglary. There were 3-4 other people involved. These people started breaking into place while my friend was still in Marine boot camp and all had previous run-ins with the law. Well one of the people (a girl) was only forced to pay bail and do community service. 2 others are getting off really easy. "Bob" is being persacuted hard-core, being pinned as the ring leader of the crimes, and taking all the heat! His lawyer (poor excuse for one) was a state appointed lawyer and didn't feel it important to meet with his client, show up to cases, or try b/c he was not getting paid what he wanted. The judges know my friend has never committed previous crimes... but find it acceptable to be hard on "Bob". The family and friends (including myself) have began to lose all trust in our judicial system. I think something needs to be changed here....... read number 2 for more!!
While "Bob" went to hearings, etc... he was not the only person being tried in the court room. One case was a lady who had tested positive for meth (or other drug) and so did this lady's child/baby. The lady was given a light sentence (i think fine(s), probation, community service, rehab) but was also allowed to get her child back. My friend is now serving about 10 years in prison!! How can a drug addict who endangered her childs life get off with a "slap on the wrist" and my friend who only stole some items (not saying that is acceptable) serve a long prison sentence. Does this seem like fair, equal justice? I DON'T!!
The Nebraska State Legislature passed a bill requiring all class 1 schools (k-6, etc... which i attended) to MANDATORILY consolidate with a K-12 school. The class 1 school i attended was absorbed by the Class A neighboring school. Well in the November 2006 elections, Nebraskans voted to REPEAL this law. Well since many schools already consolidated, the legislature doesn't know how to handle how to turn these schools back to class 1 schools on their own. The head/chair of the education committee says "tough, too late" and "just b/c Nebraskans voted to repeal the law, doesn't mean it goes into affect". There is another issue with a larger city school district. He has met with many senators, school board members, citizens, etc to solve this problem. Well "just b/c i met with them, doesn't mean i'm going to accept or consider the proposals or work to resolve the issue in their favor!" Is this the kind of people we want in our state legislatures, representing us? Especially as the head of the education committee, HELL NO! The people of Nebraska have voted to repeal this "oppressive" bill, the senators should respect our vote and take the neccesary actions!!
These are only a few examples of the injustices i see and have seen daily. This sickens me that such things could occur. It pisses me off and makes me lose respect and trust in not only our local and state govt, but our national! This is why i am studying political science....... I HOPE TO CORRECT THE INJUSTICES OF OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT and to TRULY SERVE THE CONSTITUENTS I'M ELECTED TO SERVE. Sadly, i'm only 2o (almost 21) and still college, so i can't yet serve, but this will not change the reason i am studying political science and this will always effect the way i make decisions in govt./politics!
Hope this has pissed you off as much as it did me and i hope you will share with me your feelings and stories.