Monday, October 13, 2008

Failed Liberal Policies Are Not In the Best Interest of America

(This post is in response to a letter to the editor by Mr. Joseph Smith attacking McCain and Palin as the not smart choice. Read the letter at

We can debate until we’re blue in the face who won the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. These debates provided Americans with an opportunity to hear where the candidates stood on the issues and for some Americans, an opportunity to get to know Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Mr. Smith attacks McCain and Palin for appealing to the concerns of the American people and for relating to “Joe Six-pack”. As for Obama and Biden being the logical and intelligent choice and the team of idea’s and global perspectives, American voters should be concerned of a candidate who has only been in the United States Senate for less than three years and has little to no Foreign Policy experience. Will America truly benefit from an inexperienced Junior Senator from liberal New York sitting down and negotiating with terrorists and leaders of rogue nations? Fortunately, Senator Biden does have foreign policy experience. Then why isn’t the more experienced candidate their Presidential candidate? As for being the team of ideas, are they really the ideas and solutions America needs. Government run health care, cut and run strategies in Iraq, and higher taxes to fund larger government does not seem like beneficial ideas to me.
As for the claim that if Americans could revote, they would elect John Kerry, I would like to state that the election results were 286 for George W. Bush and 252 for John Kerry. Studies do show that in a time of national crisis and war, Americans are more likely to vote for the incumbent. Given the fact that we had been recently attacked and had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, John Kerry would not have been the better choice. It is so easy to criticize our current Commander in Chief, but put any other politician in their shoes. I feel that George Bush managed those crisis situations to the best of his ability and has done a commendable job. The meltdown of our economy can not be solely blamed on one man, we have already discovered all known planets, there are no curable diseases plaguing our planet, nor are there superpowers threatening the security of our nation. Since World War Two, our enemies and their tactics have changed, so it’s difficult to truly compare the two. Since when do we trust what pundits on the television are saying about our economy. For every one economist predicting an economic meltdown and the second Great Depression, you can find an economist saying otherwise.
I’m growing tired of liberals making the case that a John McCain administration is another four years of the Bush Administration. Simply comparing the policies of both John McCain and George Bush will prove otherwise. Since we’re making cases, let us not forget that Senator Barrack Obama is one of the most liberal Senators in Washington and has 95% of the time has supported failed liberal policies that have harmed America. John McCain has the knowledge, experience, and the proven leadership necessary to lead America out of our current economic troubles, safely and responsibly bring our troops home, and restore America’s status on an international level. Having voted for George W. Bush, I have no regrets, nor do I have any regrets supporting Senator John S. McCain.

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