Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Appoints Pawns of the Porn Industry & the Pro-Abortion and Anti-Family Agenda

Three more of President Obama's appointees have a rich past of extreme liberalism and support vile ideology. A hearing will occur today for Deputy Attorney General appointee David Ogden, and appointments for Thomas Perrelli and Dawn Johnsen will occur later this month. The following information occurring in bold were obtained from an email from Focus on the Family:

Ogden has extensively represented Playboy, Penthouse and other pornography businesses on numerous occasions and even argued to force the government to use tax dollars to publish portions of Playboy in Braille at the Library of Congress. He also served as legal counsel opposing the Children’s Internet Protection Act and the Child Protection Obscenity and Enforcement Act, which requires pornographers to verify "performers" are not children. Ogden has a record of supporting an almost unlimited right to abortion, providing legal counsel for groups like Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women and People for the American Way. He argued that “abortion rarely causes or exacerbates psychological or emotional problems,” opposed parental notification for 14-year-olds, and called spousal notification a “burden” that “cannot be justified.” Ogden served as counsel of record for a legal brief that said homosexuality “is a normal form of human sexuality” and has called traditional marriage a “social prejudice.”

Truly disgusting, that President Obama wants to appoint a man who has fought to protect the pornography industry over protecting children. And even more disgusting that Mr. Ogden fought for taxpayer money to pay for porn in braille. President Obama gave lip-service to conservatives to earn their support. However, we have seen over the past couple of weeks and even more today with the appointment of David Ogden that he supports the policies of the far liberal left and has clear ignorance of the values and principles of the American people. Mr. Ogden and President Obama subscribe to this belief that an unborn child lacks the rights that ever other American, illegal aliens, and terrorists deserve. Mr. Ogden's belief that the right of a parent to know when their minor daughter wants an abortion as being an unjustifiable burden is appalling. Marriage a social prejudice? Marriage is sacred union between a man and a woman and the foundation for strong, healthy families. It's obvious that by selecting Mr. Ogden, President Obama has an agenda of uprooting the fundamental values of our nation to cater to obscure social groups and radical liberals.

Thomas Perrelli’s nomination for the number-three post at the Department of Justice is raising concerns because he argued on behalf of Michael Schiavo’s right to withhold food and water from his disabled wife Terri Schiavo, which resulted in her death. Perrelli was lauded by pro-euthanasia activists for his efforts.
Having heard Bobby Schindler speak, I became more aware of Terri's struggle, the pain that the family faced, and the motives behind Michael Schiavo's legal battle. Again, President Obama appoints an individual who has made a living out of fighting to deny an individual of her right to live and rewarding her cheating husband with thousands of dollars.

Dawn Johnsen is a former legal director for the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and an ACLU fellow. NARAL is one of the most left-wing, pro-abortion, polarizing groups in the nation. Throughout her career, Johnsen has been an open advocate of the abortion-rights lobby and is further evidence that Obama is politicizing the Justice Department.

Candidate number three reinforces the dangerous direction that President Obama is seeking for our country. With these three individuals in the Justice Department, President Obama will have one more department to abuse by using them to enforce his flawed liberal policies and feed the interests of pro-abortion and anti-family causes.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Staggering His Way to the White House

Last night while driving in my car, audio was played of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden. In the first audio, we hear a very drunk Senator Biden singing "The Villages, Florida's friendliest home town" (the tv jingle from a retirement viallge). If you YouTube Joe Biden singing the Villages, you get a very entertaining video of Joe singing & dancing along a river. The second audio bite was an introduction he gave for Michelle & Barack Obama. He's slurring his speech & even makes "passes" at Michelle, the whole time those around him are chuckling like this is all fun & games. Again, youtube drunk Joe Biden for a cheap laugh!
People are making a huge deal about Sarah Palin being one step away from taking the White House in the instance that McCain were to die, which I highly doubt will occur since he's in very good health! Well what about the fact that if Barack Obama is elected (God help us) & if he were to be killed or he died, America would have a raging alcoholic at the helm! Joe Biden is a joke, his political campaigns have been a joke, & the man needs rehab, not more political power.
So tomorrow when you're headed to the polls, keep this in mind!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nebraska Democrats using dirty politics and lies in District 17

With one week until Election Day, the race in Legislative District 17 has become dirty and heated. Candidates include former South Sioux City Mayor Robert Giese & Dakota County businessman Douglas Giese.

Until last Friday, the race has remained civil and mostly uneventful. However, I returned to my apartment in Wayne to find Robert Giese literature, along with ads sponsored by the Nebraska Democratic Party attacking Douglas Garwood. The second piece came this afternoon. Both pieces are making claims that Garwood's campaign is bankrolled by Omaha big business and special interests. The ads explain how Garwood is corrupted by money from Omaha and that he will ultimately become Omaha's 18th Senator & not lookout for the interests of District 17. Supposedly, all facts and claims are backed with information from the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

Simply looking at the financial statements for Giese for Legislature & Garwood for Legislature proves the claims being made to be false. The financial information about to be displayed can all be found on the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission's website ( For each candidate, I will display the total amount of money raised by Omaha PACS and organizations as reported on each monthly statement.

Robert Giese:

04/14/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

06/30/2008: $500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

07/01/2008: $500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $500 (Nebraska Credit Union League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/06/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,000 (Omaha Exposition & Racing DBA), $1, 500 (NE Credit Union)League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/27/2008: $2,000 (NE Leadership PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,000 (Omaha Exposition & Racing DBA), $1,500 (NE Credit Union League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

Grand Total: $19,000.00

Douglas Garwood:

04/15/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

05/09/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

06/24/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/08/2008: $1,000 (Chiropractors of Nebraska State PAC), $2,500 (Nebraska-PAC), $400 (Qwest Nebraska PAC), $750 (State Health PAC)

10/27/2008: $1,000 (AG Processing INC), $1,000 (Chiropractors of Nebraska State PAC), $400 (Qwest Nebraska PAC), $750 (State Health PAC)

Grand Total: $14,800.00

Obviously the Nebraska Democratic Party didn't take the time to actually add up the funds raised by both candidates by Omaha based donors. Douglas Garwood is an honorable man who has nothing but the best interests in mind for his constituents in District 17 & Nebraska. This is just another example of desperate attempts by the Democrats to cheat and lie their way into office. I'm hoping that the voters of District 17 will make the right choice and the best investment for our future & elect Douglas Garwood as the next District 17 Legislator.

Monday, October 27, 2008


A multitude of Americans are still wanting to know who is Barack Obama? A fair question to be asked of a Junior Senator who rose from Community Organizer to serve as a United States Senator for less than three years, to now run for President of the United States of America.
As a Illinois State Senator, Obama voted present one-hundred-thirty times. Obama also voted against a Constitutional Amendment to the Illinois Constitution for the mandatory care to infants that survived abortion. He denied this living child rights because it jeopardized Roe v. Wade, the “law of the land.”
The issue of Obama’s relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers and the Chicago branch of ACORN have recently barraged ads and news stories. ACORN was so impressed with the community organizer, that they had him train ACORN staff and teach classes. Obama paid ACORN $800,000 for Get Out The Vote efforts. ACORN’s involvement in risky loans and irresponsible financial behavior is one of many causes to today’s current economic dilemma. It’s rumored that the political career of Barack Obama was launched in the living room of Bill Ayers, but like Obama’s Harvard dissertation paper, the world may never know. Obama and Ayers ran a radical education foundation, which Obama wrote the bylaws for. As raised by the McCain campaign, the issue is not Obama’s friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, but his judgment and candor.
The candidate of hope and change, is actually the candidate of higher taxes, larger government, and more spending. Our spending is out of control and our government is the largest since the Great Society. Obama has voted for the last two budgets of more than $24 billion in spending. Senator Obama has voted ninety-four times for higher taxes. Senator Obama wants to “spread the wealth” of hardworking Americans to support socialistic programs and government handouts.
Regardless of your opinions on the war in Iraq, it’s fundamental that we support our troops, provide them the necessary equipment, and keep them safe. In the United States Senate, Senator Obama voted to cut funding for our troops. On August 8Th, 2007 at the Iowa State Fair, Obama’s running mate Joe Biden said “Obama voted against the money to make a political point.” On NBC’s Meet The Press, Biden also added that “this cuts off support that would have saved the lives of thousands of American troops.” Senator Biden, somewhat known for his vast knowledge of foreign policy, agrees Senator Obama does not know what’s best for our troops and lacks foreign policy credentials.
2007’s most liberal United States Senator is now the candidate of “hope and change you can believe in.” It’s change to larger government, outrageous spending, and higher taxes. Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin offer solutions for America’s economic crisis, a vast knowledge on foreign policy, tax cuts for all Americans, and proven leadership. America needs a President who has dedicated his life to serving our country and used his career to promote change, not a President who has served less than four years and used change to promote his career.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Failed Liberal Policies Are Not In the Best Interest of America

(This post is in response to a letter to the editor by Mr. Joseph Smith attacking McCain and Palin as the not smart choice. Read the letter at

We can debate until we’re blue in the face who won the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. These debates provided Americans with an opportunity to hear where the candidates stood on the issues and for some Americans, an opportunity to get to know Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Mr. Smith attacks McCain and Palin for appealing to the concerns of the American people and for relating to “Joe Six-pack”. As for Obama and Biden being the logical and intelligent choice and the team of idea’s and global perspectives, American voters should be concerned of a candidate who has only been in the United States Senate for less than three years and has little to no Foreign Policy experience. Will America truly benefit from an inexperienced Junior Senator from liberal New York sitting down and negotiating with terrorists and leaders of rogue nations? Fortunately, Senator Biden does have foreign policy experience. Then why isn’t the more experienced candidate their Presidential candidate? As for being the team of ideas, are they really the ideas and solutions America needs. Government run health care, cut and run strategies in Iraq, and higher taxes to fund larger government does not seem like beneficial ideas to me.
As for the claim that if Americans could revote, they would elect John Kerry, I would like to state that the election results were 286 for George W. Bush and 252 for John Kerry. Studies do show that in a time of national crisis and war, Americans are more likely to vote for the incumbent. Given the fact that we had been recently attacked and had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, John Kerry would not have been the better choice. It is so easy to criticize our current Commander in Chief, but put any other politician in their shoes. I feel that George Bush managed those crisis situations to the best of his ability and has done a commendable job. The meltdown of our economy can not be solely blamed on one man, we have already discovered all known planets, there are no curable diseases plaguing our planet, nor are there superpowers threatening the security of our nation. Since World War Two, our enemies and their tactics have changed, so it’s difficult to truly compare the two. Since when do we trust what pundits on the television are saying about our economy. For every one economist predicting an economic meltdown and the second Great Depression, you can find an economist saying otherwise.
I’m growing tired of liberals making the case that a John McCain administration is another four years of the Bush Administration. Simply comparing the policies of both John McCain and George Bush will prove otherwise. Since we’re making cases, let us not forget that Senator Barrack Obama is one of the most liberal Senators in Washington and has 95% of the time has supported failed liberal policies that have harmed America. John McCain has the knowledge, experience, and the proven leadership necessary to lead America out of our current economic troubles, safely and responsibly bring our troops home, and restore America’s status on an international level. Having voted for George W. Bush, I have no regrets, nor do I have any regrets supporting Senator John S. McCain.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is Nebraska's 2nd District Really in Play for the Democrats? has recently published polling data conducted by Research 2000 of Rockville, Maryland. A total of 400 likely voters in the Second Congressional District were interviewed by telephone between October 6 and October 8, 2008.

QUESTION: If the election for Congress were held today would you vote for Jim Esch the Democrat or Lee Terry the Republican?
ALL 49% 39% 2% 10%
MEN 53% 37% 3% 7%

WOMEN 45% 41% 1% 13%
DEMOCRATS 12% 79% 2% 7%

REPUBLICANS 82% 6% 1% 11%

INDEPENDENTS 46% 38% 2% 14%
18-29 46% 42% 2% 10%

30-44 52% 37% 2% 9%

45-59 51% 38% 2% 9%

60+ 48% 39% 1% 12%

QUESTION: If the election for President were held today would you vote for the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin or another candidate?
ALL 53% 40% 3% 4%
MEN 56% 37% 4% 3%

WOMEN 50% 43% 2% 5%
DEMOCRATS 17% 79% 1% 3%

REPUBLICANS 84% 6% 4% 6%

INDEPENDENTS 52% 42% 4% 2%
18-29 49% 44% 3% 4%

30-44 56% 38% 4% 2%

45-59 55% 40% 3% 2%

60+ 52% 38% 2% 8%

QUESTION: If election for U.S. Senate were held today would you vote for Scott Kleeb the Democrat or Mike Johanns the Republican?
ALL 54% 39% 7%
MEN 57% 38% 5%

WOMEN 51% 40% 9%
DEMOCRATS 17% 79% 4%


OTHER 54% 42% 4%
18-29 50% 43% 7%

30-44 57% 37% 6%

45-59 56% 39% 5%

60+ 53% 37% 10%

There has been so much hype with the possibility of Obama being able to steal one of Nebraska's 5 electoral votes. The above data shows that Nebraska is a truly conservative state that will continue to stay RED. The data also shows how out of touch all three Democratic candidates are with the principles and values of Nebraskans. Barack Obama, Scott Kleeb, and Jim Esch are all inexperienced candidates who stand for nothing and will fall for anything!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reactions to Scott Kleebs visit to Wayne State College

Senatorial candidate Scott Kleeb visited Wayne State College this afternoon. Forty-five minutes late, Kleeb took the stage in our lower cafeteria and began addressing issues, such as the economy, education, agriculture, etc. Energetically, Kleeb used fear mongering to paint the current economic situation as dire and the end of the world. Like his fellow Democrats, he made comments such as "we're paying for the failure of the current leadership". Yes, George Bush is completely to blame for the mess on Wall Street. Am I the only one growing tired of that line? How about instead of pointing fingers, we start looking for a real solution. Kleeb continued by saying, "We have no faith in our political leadership" and trashing our current government. If government is so awful, then why does Dr. Cowboy want to seek political office? Kleeb continued on with no real solutions. During the question and answer portion, Kleeb gave generic Democrat responses and danced around my question on the issue of abortion. The "cherry on top" of this disastrous visit was when Kleebs staffer blurted out that they had another event to be getting to and could only take one more question (remember he was forty-five minutes late and had only spoke for about a half an hour). Twenty minutes after he finished, Dr. Cowboy was still in the lower cafeteria; not taking questions, but talking to the press! Does Nebraska really want a slick talking, no solution Democrat who dances around hot topic issues and can't make time for the voters, or are we ready for a Senator who has the best interest of Nebraskans at heart and a candidate with a solid record of serving Nebraska?