Sunday, May 13, 2007


Facebook is a great social networking system, especially for politics. For all of you Facebook junkies, like myself, there are tons of suport groups for Senator Brownback and even specific State support groups. Please check them out, join them, and invite your friends to join!


For anyone who has read my previous posts, you may have seen my support for Nebraska Republican Sentor Chuck Hagel as a 2008 Presidential Candidate. That was clear back in Decemeber and January, back when he was still a Republican, but I no long support him or care to claim him as my State Senator, but my only other option is Ben Nelson (D). And I sure has heck would hate to see him run for president. As a Nebraskan, I feel let down and betrayed by Senator Hagels recent disapproval of the war, which he fully supported, and his frequent attacks towards President Bush and calling for his resignation. Senator Hagel is not a Republican and he as sure as hell is NOT A NEBRASKAN!
For the next few months, starting tomorrow, I will be working on Senator Sam Brownback (R) of Kansas' Presidential Campaign. I am "stationed" in Des Moines, Iowa and will be helping spread the word on how great of a guy Senator Brownback is and how we really need a TRUE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN elected as our next President! So check back daily, i'll try my hardest to update my blog and please give me feedback!