Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Appoints Pawns of the Porn Industry & the Pro-Abortion and Anti-Family Agenda

Three more of President Obama's appointees have a rich past of extreme liberalism and support vile ideology. A hearing will occur today for Deputy Attorney General appointee David Ogden, and appointments for Thomas Perrelli and Dawn Johnsen will occur later this month. The following information occurring in bold were obtained from an email from Focus on the Family:

Ogden has extensively represented Playboy, Penthouse and other pornography businesses on numerous occasions and even argued to force the government to use tax dollars to publish portions of Playboy in Braille at the Library of Congress. He also served as legal counsel opposing the Children’s Internet Protection Act and the Child Protection Obscenity and Enforcement Act, which requires pornographers to verify "performers" are not children. Ogden has a record of supporting an almost unlimited right to abortion, providing legal counsel for groups like Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women and People for the American Way. He argued that “abortion rarely causes or exacerbates psychological or emotional problems,” opposed parental notification for 14-year-olds, and called spousal notification a “burden” that “cannot be justified.” Ogden served as counsel of record for a legal brief that said homosexuality “is a normal form of human sexuality” and has called traditional marriage a “social prejudice.”

Truly disgusting, that President Obama wants to appoint a man who has fought to protect the pornography industry over protecting children. And even more disgusting that Mr. Ogden fought for taxpayer money to pay for porn in braille. President Obama gave lip-service to conservatives to earn their support. However, we have seen over the past couple of weeks and even more today with the appointment of David Ogden that he supports the policies of the far liberal left and has clear ignorance of the values and principles of the American people. Mr. Ogden and President Obama subscribe to this belief that an unborn child lacks the rights that ever other American, illegal aliens, and terrorists deserve. Mr. Ogden's belief that the right of a parent to know when their minor daughter wants an abortion as being an unjustifiable burden is appalling. Marriage a social prejudice? Marriage is sacred union between a man and a woman and the foundation for strong, healthy families. It's obvious that by selecting Mr. Ogden, President Obama has an agenda of uprooting the fundamental values of our nation to cater to obscure social groups and radical liberals.

Thomas Perrelli’s nomination for the number-three post at the Department of Justice is raising concerns because he argued on behalf of Michael Schiavo’s right to withhold food and water from his disabled wife Terri Schiavo, which resulted in her death. Perrelli was lauded by pro-euthanasia activists for his efforts.
Having heard Bobby Schindler speak, I became more aware of Terri's struggle, the pain that the family faced, and the motives behind Michael Schiavo's legal battle. Again, President Obama appoints an individual who has made a living out of fighting to deny an individual of her right to live and rewarding her cheating husband with thousands of dollars.

Dawn Johnsen is a former legal director for the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and an ACLU fellow. NARAL is one of the most left-wing, pro-abortion, polarizing groups in the nation. Throughout her career, Johnsen has been an open advocate of the abortion-rights lobby and is further evidence that Obama is politicizing the Justice Department.

Candidate number three reinforces the dangerous direction that President Obama is seeking for our country. With these three individuals in the Justice Department, President Obama will have one more department to abuse by using them to enforce his flawed liberal policies and feed the interests of pro-abortion and anti-family causes.