Thursday, October 9, 2008

Reactions to Scott Kleebs visit to Wayne State College

Senatorial candidate Scott Kleeb visited Wayne State College this afternoon. Forty-five minutes late, Kleeb took the stage in our lower cafeteria and began addressing issues, such as the economy, education, agriculture, etc. Energetically, Kleeb used fear mongering to paint the current economic situation as dire and the end of the world. Like his fellow Democrats, he made comments such as "we're paying for the failure of the current leadership". Yes, George Bush is completely to blame for the mess on Wall Street. Am I the only one growing tired of that line? How about instead of pointing fingers, we start looking for a real solution. Kleeb continued by saying, "We have no faith in our political leadership" and trashing our current government. If government is so awful, then why does Dr. Cowboy want to seek political office? Kleeb continued on with no real solutions. During the question and answer portion, Kleeb gave generic Democrat responses and danced around my question on the issue of abortion. The "cherry on top" of this disastrous visit was when Kleebs staffer blurted out that they had another event to be getting to and could only take one more question (remember he was forty-five minutes late and had only spoke for about a half an hour). Twenty minutes after he finished, Dr. Cowboy was still in the lower cafeteria; not taking questions, but talking to the press! Does Nebraska really want a slick talking, no solution Democrat who dances around hot topic issues and can't make time for the voters, or are we ready for a Senator who has the best interest of Nebraskans at heart and a candidate with a solid record of serving Nebraska?

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Steven said...

I wasn't there so I didn't hear your question and the answer to the abortion question he danced around.

Given that I've seen Scott many times and heard his response many times, he probably talked about asking the wrong question. Instead of should abortion be legal or not, he more than likely brought up a) that pro-life and pro-choice camps can and ought to stop arguing and start working on what the two sides can agree on - reducing the number of abortions. Or he brought up b) supreme court precedent and the constitution piece.

Like I said, I wasn't there, so I don't know how he responded. If he responded with something similar to the two responses that I've outlined, then he was not dancing around the question. Most people tend to accuse politicians of dancing around issues or questions if they offer an answer or propose a solution that is outside the framework of the original question. For example, "Should abortion be illegal?" answer: "I think there are more helpful responses to this question than the arguing and bickering that it incites. Here is my more helpful response to your question because, after all, we both want the best outcome for all parties involved in the situation of an abortion being possible..." is not dancing. It's offering a different solution than the two choices presented by the original question.

This is a lot to type to respond to a blog about an event I wasn't at, but I hope it helps. BTW, full-disclosure, I'm an independent.