Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Off Your High-Horse Before I Knock You Off

This week’s column goes out to my fellow conservatives, especially those who have this preconceived notion that they’re ordained by God and can never be wrong. As a fellow conservative, I am becoming very frustrated. I also understand why people are being turned off to becoming conservatives!
Though I consider myself a semi-staunch conservative, I have grown sick of the radical right-wing establishment, those on holy crusades to better our country, and especially the talking heads that are causing anarchy among the Republican Party. Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity do not know what is best for the American people, only the American people do. When these nationally known “conservatives” came out bashing John McCain, especially when Coulter said she would support Clinton over McCain, “conservatives” listened and have greatly demised the possibility of having a Republican in the White House in 2008.
John McCain, current U.S. Senator from Arizona, is disliked by Conservatives and main stream Republicans for his “maverick” tendencies. McCain has been a strong proponent of the troop surge in Iraq and staying the course, his service in the Vietnam War plays a considerate role in this decision. Senator McCain has done so much for the betterment of our Country by reaching across the aisle and working with Democrats and Liberals, which apparently is shunned upon by Conservatives. I strongly agree with the majority of conservative beliefs, but also understand that sometimes you have to get off your moral high horse and compromise with your political opponent, otherwise nothing would be accomplished! John McCain is the candidate who can unite Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, and Independents to better America internally and on the international scene.
Those conservatives who are still riding high and have not accepted McCain are only left with one candidate, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Conservatives flock around Huckabee simply because he is an ordained Baptist minister who runs on the pro-life, same sex marriage, and tax cut agenda. I find these issues very important and want a candidate who shares similar views as I do. There is a difference between a self-ordained conservative and a record solid conservative. Mike Huckabee has a record of being a high tax raiser and supporting a flawed tax policy, being a push-over on immigration, and has NO INTERNAIONAL or FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE! Many have questioned why Huckabee is staying in the race, given it is mathematically impossible for him to obtain the nomination. Could he be running for a Vice Presidential nomination, God I hope not!
It is vital that Republicans unite behind an experienced candidate like McCain so that we are not forced to suffer under the reign of another Clinton or under the inexperienced reign of Obama.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Observation of the Nebraska Democratic Caucus- Wayne County

Today was a first in Nebraska history and as a student studying Political Science, I wanted to be an observer of Nebraska's first ever caucus (sadly it was a Democratic cacus). At 4:30 PM CST, I arrived at the Wayne County courthouse where I was surprised to see so many democrats. I stood in line for a good 10/15 min. to obtain an observers pass. The court room was packed and seemed equally divded. The caucus kicked off around 5:13 PM CST.

The first order of business was electing a chair for the Wayne County Dems. which was followed by the reading of a letter from the NE Dem. chair. The next occurance blew me away! We all rose and said the Pledge of Allegiance (except one guy who stayed seated and did not put his hand over his heart). I was shocked to see Godless liberals and anti-american democrats standing up pledging to our nation. I couldn't help but laugh inside at the hypocrisy and irony occuring in front of me!

As the "elephant in the room" (large pun intended) I was tired of hearing the anti-Bush propoganda of the leftist establishment, but would have been greatly confused without it! The actualy process was boring because there were only 8 undecided and Obama had the obvious majority. The testimonials given by the supporters were uncompelling, except one womn who stood up and gave a sob story about her mentally-handicapped sister who is causing her mother to become bankrupt and how Hillary Clinton's healthcare reform is the answer. The man metioned above who stayed seated during the Pledge of Allegiance was the only source of entertainment. He was uncommitted and apparently no one could convince him to choose a candidate; he walked into the center of the room, tore up his voting card while declaring that "both candidates make me sick", and left the room... DRAMA QUEEN!!

My overall evaulation of the caucus was that it was poorly managed, there was too much room for error and fraud, and there were several voters who gave their cards away and left because the process was stuffy and mundane!

I am very excited for May 13th, which is when Nebraska will hold their Primary, when Republicans will go to the polls and have an influence in the next Republican Presidential Candidate!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Annie, Baby, You're Killing Me!

So I am listening to Ann Coulter's speech from CPAC (which she was not invited to speak at, but brought to speak by the Young America Foundation) and am very disgusted. As a lifelong Ann Coulter fan, I am very upset that she is making more of an effort to attack and smear John McCain than she does Clinton or Obama. Come on Ann, McCain may not be a right-wing extremist like yourself, but he is the only candidate that can beat the Democrats! Your man Romney ( I about fell over when you called Romney a conservative and comparing him to Ronald Reagan?? I think the bleach is seeping into your brain!) is gone, so shut the hell up and accept the fact that you will soon be calling Senator McCain President McCain! I was a huge fan and was so excited to have seen you at CPAC last year, but I have really lost a lot of respect for you! You're still beautiful and I am glad that you are still speaking your mind, but am truly disgusted that you're comparing an American War Hero to a German Dictator and Mass-Murderer!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fox News Hottie

With this being Super Tuesday, I have been watching a lot of news, especially Fox News (yeah, I prefer Fox to the Clinton News Network) and have become very found of Fox News' Megyn Kelly. She is cute, sassy, spunky, she has a great sense of humor, and is not afraid to speak her mind!! SHE IS GREAT AND MAKE WATCHING THE NEWS MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE!!! Keep on doing that thing that you do Megyn!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Their campaigns are a joke, so why don't they drop out??

Since tomorrow is Super Tuesday, I am hoping that the Republican field will become a race between only two candidates. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Colorado Congressman Ron Paul are going nowhere and fast, so why are they still in the race?

I would like to have mental evaluations done on both Paul and Huckabee to see if they are crazy enough to still believe they have a shot at the nomination or (as I predict) they're still in the race for their political careers and to advance their radical agendas! I have to laugh, I was just checking out some "non-biased" polls and surprise, surprise, they had Ron Paul way out in front. Paul supporters need to put their joints down, take off their foil hats, and come out of their bunkers to embrace a Republican candidate who actually has a chance at the Presidency!! However, I do have to thank Mike Huckabee for sticking it out and steal conservative votes from Mitt Romney. I knew he was good for something!!

McCain is going to be the Republican candidate and conservatives need to stop their bitching and embrace a hero and a leader. McCain has been a maverick, but hase never strayed away from his morals! McCain is also the only opportunity Republicans have at beating Clinton or Obama... so you right-wing radical social conservatives should accept McCain and encourage him to select a true social conservative as his Vice President: Kansas Senator Sam Brownback!!