Monday, October 27, 2008


A multitude of Americans are still wanting to know who is Barack Obama? A fair question to be asked of a Junior Senator who rose from Community Organizer to serve as a United States Senator for less than three years, to now run for President of the United States of America.
As a Illinois State Senator, Obama voted present one-hundred-thirty times. Obama also voted against a Constitutional Amendment to the Illinois Constitution for the mandatory care to infants that survived abortion. He denied this living child rights because it jeopardized Roe v. Wade, the “law of the land.”
The issue of Obama’s relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers and the Chicago branch of ACORN have recently barraged ads and news stories. ACORN was so impressed with the community organizer, that they had him train ACORN staff and teach classes. Obama paid ACORN $800,000 for Get Out The Vote efforts. ACORN’s involvement in risky loans and irresponsible financial behavior is one of many causes to today’s current economic dilemma. It’s rumored that the political career of Barack Obama was launched in the living room of Bill Ayers, but like Obama’s Harvard dissertation paper, the world may never know. Obama and Ayers ran a radical education foundation, which Obama wrote the bylaws for. As raised by the McCain campaign, the issue is not Obama’s friendship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, but his judgment and candor.
The candidate of hope and change, is actually the candidate of higher taxes, larger government, and more spending. Our spending is out of control and our government is the largest since the Great Society. Obama has voted for the last two budgets of more than $24 billion in spending. Senator Obama has voted ninety-four times for higher taxes. Senator Obama wants to “spread the wealth” of hardworking Americans to support socialistic programs and government handouts.
Regardless of your opinions on the war in Iraq, it’s fundamental that we support our troops, provide them the necessary equipment, and keep them safe. In the United States Senate, Senator Obama voted to cut funding for our troops. On August 8Th, 2007 at the Iowa State Fair, Obama’s running mate Joe Biden said “Obama voted against the money to make a political point.” On NBC’s Meet The Press, Biden also added that “this cuts off support that would have saved the lives of thousands of American troops.” Senator Biden, somewhat known for his vast knowledge of foreign policy, agrees Senator Obama does not know what’s best for our troops and lacks foreign policy credentials.
2007’s most liberal United States Senator is now the candidate of “hope and change you can believe in.” It’s change to larger government, outrageous spending, and higher taxes. Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin offer solutions for America’s economic crisis, a vast knowledge on foreign policy, tax cuts for all Americans, and proven leadership. America needs a President who has dedicated his life to serving our country and used his career to promote change, not a President who has served less than four years and used change to promote his career.

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