Friday, October 19, 2007

Who I am now supporting & why!

Well after much consideration & much much research, I have decided to support former Senator Fred Thompson. With Senator Brownback being my first choice, I looked for a candidate that was similar on the issues I hold key! Thompson is pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, pro-growth, and more of a fiscal & social conservative- which is what I'm looking for. So best of luck Fred & I will keep up on my blogging- not only about Fred, but about all political news!

A Sad Day in American Politics

As many of you have probably heard, Senator Brownback will be holding a press conference today in Topeka to announce that he will be dropping out of the 2008 Presidential Race!

Sam Brownback is a remarkable man & a truly caring man. He was out to better America, no to advance the Repulican Party agenda. Lets hope that some of these Rhinos that are running as Republicans & Conservatives will be wise enough to consider Brownback for a Vice Presidential nomination.

Now that Brownback has dropped from the race, I will support the person I feel is most like him & will also be hoping that Brownback can get a V.P. nomination. There is probably only one candidate that could nominate Brownback for V.P. & that candidate is Giuliani- there is no possible way I could support him! So I wish the best for Brownbacks future political campaign & will be looking forward to any future runs

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Johanns for U.S. Senate 2008

I am very glad to throw my support behind former Nebraska Governor & U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns in his bid for U.S. Senate.

Thankfully, we Nebraskans will no longer have to suffer under the reign of Senator Chuck Hagel & we have a great leader like Mike Johanns running to better represent us. We must band together and on May 13th go to the polls & elect Mike Johanns as our next U.S. Senator.

The other two candidates for U.S. Senate, Pat Flynn & Jon Brunning, are both good men and great Republicans, but I have chosen to support the candidate I feel is most qualified!

Here is the link to his site:

I'm Back & More Opinionated Than Ever

After 6 months of working on Senator Brownback's Presidential campaign in Iowa, I have returned to Nebraska and have resumed my blogging. So watch out liberals, democrats, and rhino's.

Senator Sam Brownback is the only true fiscal & social conservative running & as Conservatives & Republicans, we should stand behind this man- regardless of "electability" & "popularity". The other thing we need in a President, is someone who will work to better this country and not someone who just wants to advance party agenda's. An example of Brownback being just this, is his frequent work in foreign policy- Darfur, Beruma- and also his frequent bi-partisan efforts with Senator Joe Biden & Barbra Boxer on a solution in Iraq.

Conservatives need to be cautious of other candidates who call themselves fiscal & social conservatives. In this 2008 election we have several snakes running. We have several candidates to be cautious of, but here are 2. The first is pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage, and changes his stances on key issues as much as the wind changes direction. Yes, this candidate was governor of a liberal state and would have to be more "understanding" to liberal ideas, but shouldn't we be worried that he was so well liked in such a liberal state? This candidate CAN NOT BE TRUSTED, unless you can buy him off! The 2nd candidate, raised more taxes as Governor, than Governor Clinton. He rides on the title of being a minister and a man of faith, which is very appealing to evangelicals. I urge voters to look into this mans past and records before supporting him. This candidate had assistance at the Iowa straw poll from a special interest group that wants to raise our already high taxes by 30% (which they won't come out and say)- this taxation applies to ALL, including churches & our federal government. When a 30% tax increase is applied to our federal government & they go to buy a million dollar tank, where do you think they're going to get the money to pay that extra 30%?? Hmmm? Lastly, just recently this candidate made the remark that any of his contenders who have raised thousands of dollars, but have not moved in the polls, should be sitting in a bath of warm water with razor blades. Suicide is NEVER funny & any candidate who thinks so, especially a minister/ man of faith, should be rejected and forced from the race. Here is a link to the video footage of Mike Huckabee joking about suicide: . And now he came out saying that the joke was not about suicide. Hmm, what else does one do in a tub of warm water with razor blades? Maybe he was suggesting some of these males candidates needed to shave their legs? I am sickened by Huckabee!

Well i have been holding in so much for 6 months, so stay tuned for more ramblings from this Nebraska Republican!