Monday, November 12, 2007


The biggest story coming out of Nebraska right now has to be the story of a 25 year-old school teacher running away to Mexico with a 12 year-old student. This took place in Lexington, NE, known for its meat packing plants and Meixcan residents. The student is an illegal who was brough over by his mother & people are making a big deal over the fact that the boy was caught and will not be allowed to ever come back over to the U.S. or to apply for legal citizenship. I don't see why people view this as a bad thing. People who come over here illegally and get caught should be deported and put on a list of VIOLATORS & never be allowed to reapply for citizenship.
There are plenty of people wanting in our country who will do it the legal way. I've heard all the B.S. about the devestation this will have on our economy & that illegals are doing the jobs Americans don't want to do. Thats B.S. The only reason they have the jobs they do, is b/c employers can get lots of hard physical labor out of them for little to nothing! When those illegals are doprted, the employers are going to have no choice but to increase the pay for their work- American citizens are screwing themselves out of money if anything. And if there is a need for more workers, then a partnership program needs to be set up between the homeless shelters & unemployement centers b/c there are tons of people out there who could use a job. That or offer to relocate all the unemployed in Northern Michigan!
So I am a hardliner when it comes to immigration. That's b/c I have seen the injustices suffered by American citizens first hand. The thing that has pushed me over the edge on this issue, is illegal's paying in-state prices for their college educations & getting large scholarships, while my parents have busted their asses to pay my way through college! There is a legal way to citizenship & thats the only way! We need more ICE raids, so that we can get them out and keep them out!

P.S. We need to abolish all laws granting citizenship to the children of illegals born in this country- ANCHOR BABY LAWS!