Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nebraska Democrats using dirty politics and lies in District 17

With one week until Election Day, the race in Legislative District 17 has become dirty and heated. Candidates include former South Sioux City Mayor Robert Giese & Dakota County businessman Douglas Giese.

Until last Friday, the race has remained civil and mostly uneventful. However, I returned to my apartment in Wayne to find Robert Giese literature, along with ads sponsored by the Nebraska Democratic Party attacking Douglas Garwood. The second piece came this afternoon. Both pieces are making claims that Garwood's campaign is bankrolled by Omaha big business and special interests. The ads explain how Garwood is corrupted by money from Omaha and that he will ultimately become Omaha's 18th Senator & not lookout for the interests of District 17. Supposedly, all facts and claims are backed with information from the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

Simply looking at the financial statements for Giese for Legislature & Garwood for Legislature proves the claims being made to be false. The financial information about to be displayed can all be found on the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission's website (http://nadc.nol.org/). For each candidate, I will display the total amount of money raised by Omaha PACS and organizations as reported on each monthly statement.

Robert Giese:

04/14/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

06/30/2008: $500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

07/01/2008: $500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $500 (Nebraska Credit Union League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/06/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,000 (Omaha Exposition & Racing DBA), $1, 500 (NE Credit Union)League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/27/2008: $2,000 (NE Leadership PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska State AFL-CIO PAC), $1,000 (Omaha Exposition & Racing DBA), $1,500 (NE Credit Union League PAC), $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

Grand Total: $19,000.00

Douglas Garwood:

04/15/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

05/09/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

06/24/2008: $1,500 (Nebraska-PAC)

10/08/2008: $1,000 (Chiropractors of Nebraska State PAC), $2,500 (Nebraska-PAC), $400 (Qwest Nebraska PAC), $750 (State Health PAC)

10/27/2008: $1,000 (AG Processing INC), $1,000 (Chiropractors of Nebraska State PAC), $400 (Qwest Nebraska PAC), $750 (State Health PAC)

Grand Total: $14,800.00

Obviously the Nebraska Democratic Party didn't take the time to actually add up the funds raised by both candidates by Omaha based donors. Douglas Garwood is an honorable man who has nothing but the best interests in mind for his constituents in District 17 & Nebraska. This is just another example of desperate attempts by the Democrats to cheat and lie their way into office. I'm hoping that the voters of District 17 will make the right choice and the best investment for our future & elect Douglas Garwood as the next District 17 Legislator.

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