Thursday, January 17, 2008

Outraged by Immigration Idiocy

Just watching Fox News and was so outraged by this story I had to blog about it!

Fox News reported that Mexican Senators will be meeting with Arizona lawmakers (in Arizona) to criticize their sanction laws- penalizing employers who are hiring illegal immigrants. Mexican Senators disapprove of these sanction laws because these illegal immigrants would we forced back into Mexico and a lot of the towns where they would be returning to "can't handle the influx of citizens and there are not enough job opportunities....." Well tough titty! Maybe if the Mexican economy would get their poop in a group and work to create more jobs, they wouldn't have so many people coming to the U.S. to get jobs. And what enrages me more, is the fact that the Mexican government has Federal sanction laws restricting the hiring of illegal immigrants (who in their right mind would illegally migrate to Mexico anyway? Well besides that bastard Marine who raped and murdered his fellow Marine). What a great example of hypocrisy on the part of the Mexican government. And why are we letting them come over to our country to criticize our laws and promote lawbreaking? I have to give props to the Senators and legislators who have took a strong stance and are fighting Mexican lawmakers to protect Americans and the American economy!

In the matter of time it has taken me to blog the above story, Fox News also began discussing laws allowing employers to require only English be spoken at the work place. This is America and I think the first thing our next President or our Congress needs to do is pass a bill making English our National Language! Learn our language, come here the legal way, OR GET AND STAY OUT!

story on Mexican lawmakers criticizing Arizona sanction laws:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back 1 Week and Already Ticking Them Off...

I have only been back on campus for a little over a week and I have already "done something" to upset the liberals and the feminists here on campus. Several liberal student organizations and our counciling department are bringing the "Vagina Monologues" to campus. And to advertise the events, a banner with "What do you call you vagina?" was hung up in the lower cafeteria. Our campus is pretty liberal, but suprising to me, some conservative other than myself tore it down because it was offense, vulgar, and obscene. All the liberals and feminists got huffy and in their rage have started pointing fingers my direction- lets blame the one Republican/ Conservative who is outspoken and known for standing up for what he believes in. Well sadly, I had nothing to do with removing the banner, but I am very much opposed to the vagina monologues coming to my campus and in the process of organizing efforts to combat their comming. I am however enjoying all the drama and attention I am recieving (especially for something I had nothing to do with). But isn't i like liberals to throw the first stone and espcially without doing any investigating? All I have to say is BRING IT ON and be prepared to duke it out! As students we have the right to oppose the use of student fee's to bring such vile and appauling plays to our campus.

I will hopefully be posting more information about the on-going events and photos from the events. Also, I am going on a radio talk show tonight (I'm sure this topic will be brought up) and am to be interviewed by our school paper concerning my strong opposition to the plays. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Thompson will fight on

Ha ha ha... those of you who spread those slanderous rumors about Thompson dropping out of the race to endorse McCain can kiss my butt! Here's a link to a story on the Politico to prove it:

Even though he came in third, I feel that he will arise from the pack and make a surprise finish in the following primaries and caucus!

STAY TUNED FRED-HEADS and lets keep up the support!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reactions to the Iowa Caucus'

I have some very mixed opinions as to the result of tonights caucus'; Republican and Democrat. So anyone who has read my previous posts knows that I now back Thompson. Well I feel that Thompson's 13% showing was "fair", but typical to Iowa. The evangelicals have a strong influence behind Huckabee and Romney has sunk thousands of dollars.. why wouldn't we expect him to atleast land second. Thompson did better vote wise than McCain and I feel that people nationally will find Thompson as the candidate who is "middle of the road" and a candidate that has a solid record for what he stands for. Thompson is also not a candidate running soley on religous zeal, money, or on issues they have recently come to hold vital. As to the slanderous rumors of Fred dropping out... I feel that this was a ploy released by rival campaigns to hurt Thompson's campaign and win some last minute votes... but we shall see. If Thompson does drop out... well I'll keep you all in suspense as to who I will support.

As for the Democraps:
I wasn't shocked to see Obama take the win, but was suprised to see Edwards step up and take the lead over Clinton. I think Edwards has been over-looked, but don't think that this one state caucus will be the end of Clinton by any means.

As for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee:
My biggest qualms with Mike is his support for the Fair Tax. As a fiscal conservative, I feel the Fair Tax is too deceptive and a flawed system that looks good on paper, but better than it sounds and would take a miracle to enact. I also have been very disgusted with the "jokes" he has made and his overall disregard for the seriousness of a run for the Presidency. As a Christian man, I look for a candidate who is a fellow believer, but though a Baptist minister, I question many of the things he has said and done. Lastly, we need a candidate who when up against the evils of Obama, Clinton, or Edwards can of course carry the base, but also pull in the center, independents, and conservative democrats... Huckabee is not that man.

In five days is the New Hampshire Primary and we will see how the candidates fare there. I'm not sure if we will have a candidate by Feb. or if we will have to wait until the convention to find our Republican candidate. Keep a close watch to my blog and especially concerning Fred Thompson!